"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

...someone could tell me...

Ok so, even though I'm not done with About a Boy or From Beirut to Jerusalem, and I haven't even started my two reading list books, I also just started reading High Fidelity. Yay for reading 5 books at once. This is what I used to do when I was in grade school. So, High Fidelity: "At seventeen, we were becoming as embittered and as unromantic as our parents". The problem with books is sometimes they accuse you of things, but they do it so subtly that its really your fault that you even feel accused. I lose!

Alright alright in other news, I really need to figure out the whole new blog thing. I hope it will be awesome and great. And I need a camera, and I need to choose a photohosting thingy. And I need to clean my room ladeda. Oh well, time to go swimming I guess.