"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Monday, June 26, 2006

...i glad that i'm in smartsburg...

I decided to not post my big long inside joke thing about my roadtrip with Rose, cuz it was a big long inside joke thing. But it was funnnnn and if anyone wants to go on a roadtrip with me, i fell in love with them, so we should definitely do it. Wherever whenever basically (shakira shakira :)

I officially love summer. Not just cuz of fun bonding road trips. But because of everything that's happened so far! Mainly just hanging out a lot I guess. In general, much more freedom to do whatever I want. And that freedom is enhanced by me not caring about anything, cuz i'm outta here soon anyways. Take whatever impression you have of me away with you, I'll see you in a billion years and be a different person anyway.

Sweetness. (speaking of which, I like watermelon so much. yum.)