"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

...i know you...

lalalala. Today was pretty good. Let's see, what did Noam do:

-got up
-read the god of small things book for a while, and I can't really get into it :( , and its bizarre. Like, Boris Vian level.
-friendship bracelets, omg! I have to finish mine. But I like making them, they're pretty. plus I like owning them, w00t.
-was forced completely against my will to play minibridge, at threat of a minimized social life...which was wonderful. I am such a good friend, that game is so not worth like...ANYTHING. urgh.
-went to see starmites, and rose was in it! as well as about 5 million other people I knew. but Edo knew 6 million. (megan tucker, omg. olivia bray, yay. hah. give me a b, give me an i, give me a t...etc. figure it out)
-didn't go to steak and shake. but it would have brought back too many winter formal memories anyhow, :p.

that's all folks! what's with this sort of bedtime, dumbutts? oh well tomorrow is the first day of teh rest of my life *gag* byebye!

Friday, July 29, 2005


okay people I guess I'm redoing this for lack of any motivation whatsoever to either fix my old blog or create a totally new one. ha. If you are mad at me for being lazy or not following your helpful advice/instructions, email your complaints to hahahaha. seriously, flood her inbox with annoying stuff, it would make my day.

oh btw don't you love the formatting in the post below?it sucks, i don't care! that stuff was so fun to look over. its like..awesome. and don't tell me what to do about the formatting, i'm done with that, laziness!

Part of this lack of motivation has to do with this: I am sick. I swear this morning I was fine, and by the time I got to ballet class I had a bit of a cold, but now I feel completely awful. Which sucks, especially because it's summer. And seeing as my friends generally hate sick people, I'm forseeing loneliness in the future. Hopefully it will disappear as fast as it appeared, that would be cool.

Heh I've missed blogging. Takes too much energy though. I am such a lazy bum. Procrastination is my middle name. after lily, orlando, and something that starts with Q. I have a lot of middle names. And nicknames, w00t. I'm very excited about the nickname section of my senior thingymadoohicky. ha that's weird spelled out.

urrrrg. what has been going on. um. yeahhh. I got back from vacation, in which I was in 4 of the least populated states in the US. Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. yeah, they're soooo cool. It was really pretty, but there was a town with...I think 57 people. Edo and I started counting people until we realized we were couting people in cars on the same road as us, who were probably tourists staring right back at us and counting. oops. And also, the one time we ate dinner in Idaho, the potatoes sucked. How annoying is that. It's like...LAND OF THE POTATOES, but no. they were all eww ish.

I da ho, U da ho, we ALLLLL da ho. :D. I miss Beno. and our many inside jokes. Haven't seen her for a while.

thaaaat's pretty much it for my life I think. Oh yeah I'm 16 now, Julia will make fun of me cuz she's still wayyy older. well ha. I win cuz I um, am cool or something. I win you lose. I want your SBOD. I thought I saw SBOD written in a heart on a bench in wyoming, but it was something else. would have been cool though. Tomorrow maybe I'll post pictures of me being in/falling out of a white water raft, fun times. If I feel like it, so be nice!