"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

...silly stanford staff sarcasm...

How's THAT for alliteration, kids? I have the best titles.

"Perhaps no part of a college application is more talked about, misunderstood or feared than the form you are about to complete."

Anyone find some snide braggary in that statement? bastards.

Man, not only is hebrew music good, but so is french music. rawesome. doodley-doo.

Friday, November 25, 2005, two a day?...

yeah, thats how cool of a person I am.

Okay so, I may have fallen in love with a year-off program. The problem is, I'm really debating it because there are lots of obvious flaws. But there are also so many awesome things that make me really happy and I don't know what to do.

Its the one Israel program that I was telling various people about. And I was having lots of doubts cuz I don't want to go on a JewishAmerican tour group thingy, and take hebrew classes and stuff. But then I watched the video, and looked at the website some more, and I really sort of want to go. Because I remembered how much I love Israel. And like, spending a year there with lots of awesome people my age. And teaching English and hanging out and working in a kibbutz and aaaaah. It could be so awesome!!!

I think I'm sort of a different person in Israel. Its not necessarily good or bad, its just I have my US Noam that everyone pretty much knows, and I've developed that for about 8 years. and then I have my Israeli Noam that no one here knows at all, and she still has a lot of the same core elements, but she's slightly different in ways I can't explain. It could be a language barrier thing. But like, after high school the point is to like, "find yourself" and start from a clean slate and all that yummy stuff, and I think this could be a good way to start over. And god, I REALLY love Israel. You guys don't understand it. I forget about how much I love it, until I see it/experience it. And the video had like, pictures, and awesome HEBREW songs and stuff.

Gaaaaah I like hebrew, a lot. Its a really pretty language, looking at it from an outsider's perspective. I know lots of people are like "its ugly, its all chhhhhhhhh-y" but no, I promise, its amazingly gorgeous. Like, listen to some hebrew love songs, they make your heart want to melt. and like, any song actually, they're all extremely poetic, more so than any "solely english" speaker can begin to imagine. Maybe some people that know french or portuguese can START understanding maybe ;).

but the point is, this is a genuine possibility, and I'm really excited about it. and it brought a smile to my face, and I'm going to go listen to sad hebrew songs now, bye. :D thanksgiving post...

hey, I haven't done this in a really long time!

sighhhhhhh. Thanksgiving is yummay. And very entertaining. So, glad that's over with! Because now I get to do lots of stuff! Such as:

-Math homework, for hours and hours and hours
-Stanford, for hours and hours and hours
-Habitat app
-English paper
-Philosophy hwk
-Mark dance stuff on calendar
-Anat phys study? maybe...
-gahh i dunno, various other things

but the point is, a lot. And thats REALLY lame cuz you're not supposed to have ANYTHING to do over thanksgiving. However, I did watch Harry Potter, and one episode of the OC. Both featuring some very fine guys, my favorite! (type of guy) sooo yes! And I am really psyched about the next OC episode, because its all about COLLEGE. and how seth and summer's relationship may go awry cuz they are looking at different ones, OH NO! They better not breakup they are the moral center of the universe. haha, or just, the hott center of the universe, details details.

And good news, my mom doesn't want to watch that one! cuz there is possible scary/sad stuff. so then I won't get unnecessary college rants, thats always good.

anyhoo. I might pick up Ariana package stuff today if I feel like it. I might be home alone also, which would let me work on stuff in silence, as opposed to now when my sister is playing "cyberchase" which is apparently noisy and annoying. Also I could have a big house party. Oh never mind, those never work.

HA I have given you a blog post! So now people can't complain that I don't write in my blog. I think its time for my mid-morning snack. mmm, I make a mean cranberry pie ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2005 mouth surgery...

on Robert Pattinson and Keira Knightly:

[13:49] pizzaambulance: dude their kids wouldn't even have jaw muscles
[13:49] pizzaambulance: they would just be genetically programmed to have their mouths hanging open

so yea. hott guys that will die on november 18th. how sad.

OMG. I have so many social events that weekend that I might not be able to see the movie!!! whatever shall I do?!!! maybe I'll skip the dance to see it. It'll be dumb and uni-dance-like.

SO I supposed it was a weekend and decided to post. actually I just wanted that quote recorded, cuz they have mouth problems. As in a constant state of sexual satisfaction/kiss me now ness.

Nyargle bargle. My life is so boring. someone comment on my blog so I can have a long comment war/conversation, cuz those are really fun. Say something I don't agree with so I can yell at you! omg I was taking a personality quiz thing, and one of the questions was do you like arguing. and the answer is SOOO yes. its quite unfortunate, but true. I can't live one day without a good fight.
dude men, our school needs more fistfights. I mean, I guess they don't have positive consequences for the people involved, but drama is fun! I think what they need to do is remove half the chairs, and all sorts of beef will be revealed...buahaha. It's like musical chairs : high school edition.

Maybe I should shut up cuz the school administrators read the blogs. Sooo guys. I need a topic for an essay! a really creative one. once upon a time.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

...lets do the time warp again...

It seems to me I only post on weekends. That's ok though.

I have a lot less to do than I did last weekend. I think this is because I wrote a lot of work-ahead stuff on my to do list, and I've already done some stuff. And no early app. Plus, tomorrow is parent teacher conference day, with no conference! sweet!

I went to see the play last night. It was hilarious, one of the best I've seen in my uni "career". So good job actor people, you roxored. I especially liked...well actually, everything. Now that I think about it, the casting was really good. Out of all the main thespian really-into-drama people, I couldn't think of anyone who would do any role better! yay.

So yea, I heard the time warp song on the radio on halloween! However, I didn't ever hear thriller. which is weird. but its ok, I've heard that song bajillions of times, I may know all of the words.

In other news. I like driving, and I like Billy Collins' poetry. And I like tea/coffee/warm drink stuff. Perfect for a fall afternoon, hm? duuuude. Our computer's backgroud looks exactly like the view out the window, except it isn't. Its freakay.

However its sort of a glum day. not fun for doing math and stuff, which I have been most of the morning. we have a 5 billion page philosophy reading to do, which isn't fun.

what do I wear to Michelle's wedding! omg, THANKSGIVING!!! I love that holiday. I love the fact that we get so many days off/half in november. I also love chicken biryani. sorry to be random.

Hmm, I have to buy lots of presents. This is because: Brother, Sister, Mo, Eddie Izzard (by that I mean, Ariana, not eddie himself) uhhh and I should think about holiday presents, because if they're order type things I have to come up with ideas. hmmmm. and I should buy myself stuff that I want. for...hannukah, i guess. CHRISMUKKAH!

dude, oc. I watched it this thursday, when I was "sick". I was sick, sort of. and tired, and bio needy, and stuff. It was pretty awesome. Speaking of thursday, on friday when I came back I poked Lillian and she like ATTACKED me with hugs and I nearly had a heart attack. Also, people noticed I was gone I feel so loved. yay. sort of.

omg guys. hehehehe. Sophmore year memories anyone?

ok, buhbye!