"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Monday, May 22, 2006

...i found a fatal flaw in the logic of love...

I love the Shins again, so I'm gonna re-listen to them. I have tons of work to do, but not too many days left, and overall I know I'm gonna do all the stuff eventually (i.e. by wednesday) so it doesn't really matter, since I can really count the hours of work (without using calculus!)

I had a weird dream though! And there are some people who unexpectedly I'd like to be done with. I mean, I want to hang out with them but am frustrated with them for things they've done recently. Also, getting lots of nobody-loves-you vibes, which is annoying cuz its like oh really, then stop hanging out with me you're annoying as hell. blah, sorry for the mini-rant.

I wanna just graduate and not have to think about things, even though I'm expecting my summer to be rather emotional. Cuz what's summer without some well-deserved drama, love, tears, hearts broken, laughter, etc....I'm hoping more for laughter and requited love here, who's with me? Anyhoo, I should go...not do calc and listen to the Shins. its good times.

Sunday, May 21, 2006 a prayer...

prom was awesome! it was really fun, and I wasn't depressed, and stuff! an overall good experience.

so anyways onto more important things, i need a new blog for israel. so guys, give me domain name type things and the such.

hmm i wrote that a bit ago...just give me ideas.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

...dancing with myself...

(whoa oa oa)

OMG. I am done with dance!!! Last night was really really amazing, and this weekend is gonna be killer tiring, but who cares!

STORY: We had our last show, and it went super well, and you all should have seen it, but it's ok that you didn't cuz I know how busy everyone is. Then after the show I was like WOW I'm done with dance except I don't think it's actually hit me yet. So we took lots of pictures and hugged lots of people and lots of the little kids were really really sad that I'm graduating but I promised them I'd come back and visit :(, then eventually after a really long time of lingering around the theater, (ok, this is a run on sentence, so new one!) Then we went to the cast party! and there was some weird driving ish cuz my mom wanted me home early but...nah.... Ok so at the cast party Emily and I decided to be subversive and got Dairy QueeN instead of pizza cuz we felt like it, and I was really tall cuz I had my big shoes on, and I couldn't superman fly Tara and I hugged billions of people, and I signed Natalies program (autograph!) and we laughed a lot, and Elise and I TRIED to chest bump, and lots of "Hi Aaron" and "get in your right here position" and getting Elise Ellingers attention and talking to Michelle and Alison and Julia and Emily and Caitlin and they're really really hilarious, and sorry this is so flowy and stream of consciousness, it was really this hectic. Then we had to eventually say bye to all these people after tons of pictures and laughter, Christine and Daniela included :(, btw Luciana was home cuz the baby APPARENTLY can't party, or something. So then the big kids wanted to go to steak and shake to party it up, so I took Julia and Alison home so we could get the car and go party, but then Julia had to go home...:(. Then we went to steak and shake, parked between Elise and Christine but we only recognized Elise's car so it was freaky. Then I saw lots of Uni people! And I waved to Kangway through the window...and then Michelle was already there and she pointed at them, but I already knew! and I said what's up, and then Christine made fun of me the rest of the night cuz she thought I sounded really ghetto, so ok...I talked to some of the guys for a bit, but then I went to my table...and Christine and Daniela were there it was so weird, gmta I guess...And Shilpa was there! and Sara Crames...but I didn't talk to her...AND Elise knows Kangway from Yankee Ridge so it was cool. We also saw some other Yankee Ridge people, that I didn't remember too well, but I remembered they existed. Then Elise and I were really hyper cuz we haven't had much sleep the past week, plus we have so many fricking inside jokes now and we have spent tooooons of time with each other, also Michelle and Alison are really funny. so basically long story short, the waiter asked us if we were stoned. oops!That went on for a long time, and it was really fun, and then Christine payed for all of our meal, and it was really sweet! And we didn't realize it till after she left. Then we were crazy hyper for a bit more, especially in the parking lot, and at this point it was past 12:30 and I was REALLY supposed to be home before 12, but I didn't care cuz I was having too much fun. then I drove Michelle and Alison to Alison's house, so now I know where Julia and Alison live (which I already sort of knew from trick or treating). That was basically the end of the night, my parents had actually stayed up for me, and called me, and were like grr, but it was overall ok.

THAT WAS MY NIGHT, pretty much, it was really really really superfun. I'm sad it's over, but it was also really good closure. I'm gonna miss everyone at CRS so much (if anyone is reading this).I promise I'll visit, but still it won't be the same, and it's sort of sad. But it's been an amazing 8 years. Thank you everyone *stage kiss*!

Friday, May 05, 2006

...waste your days with thinking...

ok people, I totally made it a month without blogging that was my goal. w00t. It's cuz I instructed you all in my last post to "be bored" and then figured I should help you along with that.

Hmm what has happened lately? I really did get accustomed to not blogging, my life isn't all that interesting, or at least it can't be to the public eye *is secretive*. My last tap class ever was today! no one's gonna understand the significance of that really...but like...omg. 7 years. of tap. tap is so awesome. very close to my heart, yes. I did the warmup that I've done for like ever, and have taught to several classes of kids, and could do in my sleep, for the VERY LAST TIME. it was weird. well I mean I could do it now or when I come back to visit but its not the same. anyways.

I wrote a sestina! How awesome. It took for-freaking-ever since I had to completely redo it once I wrote it wrongly. But it was hard. And I'm gonna try to write more, cuz they're enjoyable, even though frustrating. I would post it here except:
a) it sucks
b) it's anonymous
c) some people who read my blog would get the subject matter and thats bad
d)it's not all that interesting
so. but I wrote it.

what else? I already ran my 5k so I don't have to do that. life's boring, but really moodswingy, just as its supposed to be at the end of a quarter/semester/year/highschool career. Why do they call it your high-school career. Careers are like...job choices. and...for losers. but they have nothing to do with high-school.

oh man I dunno if I wrote this anywhere? Going to Washu, really excited!!! first going to Israel (hopefully) though, so that should also be good, unless it sucks. make sure you all donate to the noam-gets-a-laptop fund so I can talk to you all next year, my dear online friends. Or at least help me find a summer job?