"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

...your day breaks, your mind aches...

The year is almost over, and so are the college apps.

I felt obligated to post on the 31st, cuz its just one of those important days. I'll make my new year's resolutions later, if I even do. tomorrow or something. (maybe one of them should be to not procrastinate eh?)

Anyways, its been a weird year or uh, something. I'm not very articulate so I can't have any mushy cliche closure type thing. But here it is....drum roll please....


mmk, toodle-oo people, breakfast time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


this is so unbelievably bad. damn you all. WHOOOOO got me addicted to fictionpress? I was totally laughing about it a couple of days ago, and I looked at that one story that various people were reading just to make fun of them, but then I read it!!! and I kept reading it! and I couldn't stop! this reminds me of like, when I was a little kid and I would read books like this, and I haven't done that in forever, cuz i don't have time and I haven't really found books that grab me very much lately. But omg. I feel so shallow. Now I'm addicted to sappy high school romance/dramas on fictionpress, AND the OC. I feel so dumb. but its soo gooooooood. man. unfreakinbelievable. gah.

I'm seriously not able to take hold of myself ughhhhh I want more stuff to happen but I finished the story! onto the sequel I guess, and some other one that Marquis says is good. Why do I listen to him? IIIIII won't read it, I refuse. (Actually I totally will)

so anyways, I've actually made pretty decent progress on the essays, yesterday I just had things to write and I had a pencil and I just wrote and wrote for a while! It was crazy! Then I had to interpret my handwriting several hours later and type it up, but whatevs.

The point is, my ooncle says that if I finish everything today, we'll go out to dinner to celebrate tonight. He wants to give me incentive, and also he wants me to not have to do them anymore and actually have a vacation. Which is reeeeeeeeally good, I want that too I just haven't been able to maintain a good work ethic.

So I guess I'm aiming for that dinner.....peace out.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

...hehe blogger has a santa hat...

yay holiday time!

things to do: (because I like lists)

-Edit common app essay, make sure the app is done completely
-Duke "why?" essay
-Uchicago long essay, one "why?" essay, one "favorites" essay
-Uchicago app details (resume?)
-Cornell 2 miniessays
-Yale optional essay (edit)
-Brown....the whole app, online.
-History paper
-finish Matrix book (halfway done!ish)
-philo paper....uhh....
-finish holiday presents for family
-finish uh, new year's presents, for other people :D
-work ahead on math!

haha KIDDING no way. but otherwise all that yes. ugh. BUT MAN I FEEL SO EXHILARATED AND EXCITED for some reason, about all the college stuff. probably because I can see the end, sort of, very far off in the future. hmm.

ooh, anyone wanna write a one page letter that can help understand and appreciate me as an indivudual? that would be cool, you'd be my favorite person. It "won't affect my chances of admission" but make them know me better? or something like that. That would be cool. happy whatever you celebrate!

Monday, December 19, 2005

..."hey noam, have you ever considered going to pomona?"...

ha, now my brother is giving me college advice! how distressing.

Guys I am sick its sort of yucky. I really wanted a party soon, but I don't want to invite until I stopped being sick. How unfortunate to the max on ice.

blechhhhhh. I haven't done like ANY college stuff except wash u. how silly of me. I shoullllld do that sometime. but I have been in bed like all day, so I have an excuse.


Friday, December 16, 2005

...i don't want a lot for christmas...

MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE! (all I want for christmas is you)

omg guys. DONE! I've been amazingly stressed lately, I didn't realize I could be this stressed. But its ok cuz I'm like, done! and I'm really happy about that. btw, deferred from harvard. so uh, I have a sort of positive attitude about that cuz it's not too bad. Although I suppose its frustrating that I applied early but I can't actually know early. I doubt I'll get in, but who needs 'em? ha.

Now all I have to do is finish up nutcracker crew, and I'll have no more commitments ever till January! Then I can work on college and stuff, and maybe start liking hot chocolate again (apparently I am a freak of nature because I don't like it, oh well). And on Sunday maybe we are going to steak and shake....cheese fries w00t w00t.

So yea, I love all my friends, you guys are awesome I'm so lucky! Yayyyy. And as Taikumi says: "Happy Horidaysu! Merry Kurismasu! I am super!!!" Okay without the superman part, but that's in the spirit anyways.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

...omg you guys...

I totally am almost done with stanford!

I know I also totally shouldn't be blogging right now. However, I have an adrenaline rush from all this essay writing (wtf?) and stuff. My dad just called me and I told him my situation and we made a plan for editing and reading and he's pretty rawesome. He totally reassured me, even though I didn't act stressed to him. But don't worry, I am! heh. Oh well, in less than 24 hours I will be completely done with EVERYTHING except for 6 more colleges! w00t. I'm REALLY happy about that.

thank you for shopping at math*mart!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

...ew cold-eeze...

my throat hurts! however, rent music rawks my sawks.

what are you staring at? YOU'RE STARING AGAIN.

hem so guys. only 3 days left. and the last one doesn't count! I've heard rumors of a party?? shh, its a surprise. I think I've found something less sucessful than all my attempts at surprise parties.

P.S. I am trying to have a chrismukkah partay. but I don't know when I will plan it. So I'll try to call people maybe or something. wow, that was a really vague and pointless point! maybe I should stop my blog posts! time for math or something.

Edit: P.P.S Love lifts us up where we belong! where eagles fly, on a mountain high. (Love makes us act like we are fools, throw our lives away for one happy day) WE CAN BE HEROES just for one day.

:D I want to watch that over winter break, who wants to join me? also love actually and some other stuff.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


alright thats the picture ha!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

...royal meaniebutt...

ok guys, time for an apology.

I'm reeeeeeeeeally sorry if I've been mean lately. I really really am. I realize I've been bitchy and snappy and stuff, and that's not good at all. I know a lot of people have been, cuz its the last week of school (almost) and college and parents and friendships and blah. However, stress is not really a very good excuse, because I think I've been pretty bad, and a lot of it is my fault. (plus chemicals in my brain, forgive my anat/phys - i - ness)

So yea. Especially I feel bad because it seems to me that I always snap at the people I'm close to, i.e. those I care about the most, i.e. those I spend the most time with and I feel most comfortable talking to and those that I want to realize I am in a bad mood so they can comfort me. But still, I've been annoying, and I know this cuz I'm annoying the hell out of myself and that's not cool. So yes. I probably owe lots of people hugs. I do always anyways, but more so.

Also, if I'm being bitchy, tell me. I'll probably yell at you, but I'll go home and think about it and apologize probably. If I don't I'm just silly.

I love you all very much, I proooomise. And yes Elizabeth is right that I shouldn't kid about that stuff, because every joke has some basis in the truth. So I don't hate people when I say I do, I generally love them. And stress is just bad. I don't want people to be like gah, she's just in a bad mood. that's lame. I am supposed to be the happy person and I like being the happy person and I really rarely am and that's annoying. I don't want to cuss people out just cuz like, I feel like it. That is sooo lame. Give peace a chance yo. (sidenote wow John Lennon, 25th anniversary of assassination, genious man, genious. He was great. Be sad y'all. but only for a couple of seconds, actually be happy :D)

And to concluuuuuude....I'm sorry. sorry sorry sorry. Oh yea also, I've been really WHINEY. More than usual, which is hard to accomplish. blargle. maybe cuz its cold, and cuz people need to hurry up more in the locker room *glare* jjk. But I actually did like the weather today, a lot. I kept going out during 5th cuz I was stressing and stuff, and I was trying to calm down. but it wasn't even that cold.

mmm yea. So that was what you would call a "noambeingsentimental" blog post, I thought it was around time, I haven't been blogging lately.

Happy chrismahannukakwanzasomething. Californialy known as Chrismukkah, of course.

Now I go that stuck in my head. All I am sayyyyying......

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

...a voice of reason i forgot i had...

wow, Mo and I finished our math hwk today during school! We are so cool!
For the first time like, ever, I actually feel on track for math hwk, cuz I don't have any questions I think, yet. That is a good feeling...

Time to think about "holiday" presents. If I am semi-your friend even, comment with what you want or like...i dunno. At least comment cuz I'm gonna use this as my list. And then people that don't read my blog but still deserve presents are special and they will also be on my list, or something.

wow, hilary duff DOES have decent song lyrics. better than "if the light is off then it isn't on" anyways. and yes, time to go eat or frolic or something. CANDYGRAMS TOMORROW!!!