"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

...since no one is talking to me on aim...

ok I haven't posted for a while so I might as well. Also I've given up on updating about senior trip, you'll just have to figure out how I felt about it with your psychic powers.

eh, this weekend was decent. The weather is yucky so I think its influencing my moods, but whatever. My parents went to the DeJongs house to plan our spring break, so it should be awesome. I stayed at home and had a failure of an OC party (Mo tries to watch the oc, but fails), then did some math and went out to dinner, where I ate too much but I skipped breakfast that day so it all evens out.

Today I haven't really done anything, some math, some college, some internal reflection. but nothing significant came out of any of those, so blah.

Music is good. I found some music that I like that my dad is ok with, cuz I was accidentally listening to it when he was in the room. And by that I mean not beatles or simon and garfunkel or Israeli music. cool.

Oh well, nothing to do.

Friday, January 20, 2006


ok, I will post later about senior trip or something.

but for now, its friday, and there is a huuuge party opportunity as in, empty house.

so leave a comment, message, voicemail, ANYTHING so that we can rock the hizzouse. (otherwise it will be lame, I promise.)

seriously people, I need something to do. byebye!

EDIT: holy shmackrels, that was insane. but yea, um. I will only tell you the story in person, although I'm sure domier would enjoy telling it as well. And jimmy probably. It was one CRAAAZY party and we sure rocked that hizzouse but yea, it was really pretty lame, just 3 people. obbbbviously people dont' love me? :P

See you all at winter formal, which i'm sort of excited for, but sort of not!

Thursday, January 12, 2006



'nuff said.

p.s. ok maybe not, i'm sooo excited its gonna rock and we will have water parks and movies and food and lots of bonding and talking and stuff.

However I will miss everyone not there, I promise.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I think I sprained my ankle. AGAIN. This is so frustrating. I am not sad/angry because of the pain, I am just annoyed that I am dumb enough to sprain it. Because you'd think that after 4.5 years of that track, I wouldn't fall. But I guess I'm a dancer, the definition of which is "only graceful onstage and studio, clumsy everywhere else". Angelina and I even have a "fall up the stairs" club cuz we do it so often. Anyways, I fell during pe and the ankle sort of twisted and i heard a popping/cracking sound, but I figured it was just the joint popping like it does once in a while. Then it only hurt a slight bit so I walked every other lap because I didn't want it to get worse and hurt during my 3 hours of dance which followed. So it pretty much didn't hurt very much, but I got ice and iced it a bit after school. Then during tap it got better cuz it was warm, and after I iced it, like a good little girl, just to make sureeeee, but in ballet, even though I didn't go on releve, do jumps, turns, or still got worse, gahh. and I had an ankle brace on too! So now I limp and I just finished icing it. I'm sorry to be complainy, I'm just really mad at myself. Last time this happened at least I hurt it during dance not fitness ugh.

so thats the deal, it'll probably be better in not too long of a time, its like a medium seriousness sprain I think. Anyways frustrating, cuz I don't like to limit my range of motion.

And senior trip is coming up! this should rock. Condos are pretty rawesome (thanks to the commitee which consited of Beno Justin and I, except I didn't do anything) and I am not going skiing! but that's because I don't want to . OMG what if my ankle still sucks then. well I'm definitely not going skiing, I hope the trip isn't too much of a pain. Like, water park...:/. man. I need this to get better pronto. Why do things happen juuuust at the wrong time. I would explain but it is not suitable for reader's eyes :P. anyways, otherwise life is pretty good, I haven't posted for a while, I guess I've been unbelievably busy. Haven't gotten too much sleep lately, its sad. It's cuz people keep keeping me up!!! silly people, problems are for kids.

Also, taikumi love of my life is in japan!!! thats so dumb, he needs to be here. also he's not the love of my life. but whatever. At least I don't have to quiet that class anymore, he always makes them rowdy by talking and singing and touching little girls O.o

Humdedum I don't have much to talk about...we don't have math hwk this weekend!!! SCORE. and I finished English and Philosophy at school. so basically, this rocks. I think it will be a good weekend, even though everyone at our school is depressed pretty much....put on a happy face! and it will all be ok. I feel bad when I'm happy and everyone around me is sad. So be happy please? yars. blahdiblah byebye.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

...happy birthday world!!!...

So that was new years! I know its just another day and stuff, but its still sort of fun to party just for the sake of partying. Cuz partying is just funnnn and stuff. Especially when it includes great friends and laughter and snuggling and food!!!! Thanks guys. Now I just have to do my history paper and I'll be done! (yes, I am DONE with college.)

My stomach has hurt so much in the past few days from laughter, and I don't care if I'm too loud. It's just fun.

wow for once I don't want to list stuff! I would list stuff that happened, but I'm too lazy. And my new year's resolutions are too private. But I guess if you really want to know them you can ask me. My lips are loose :P.

alright toodleoo people! we are going to dinner to celebrate my college done-ness! w00t. maybe tomorrow I'll start that paper hehehehe uh oh. I have a dance meeting and then a philosophy party. so...late night conversations anyone?