"Noam moaned," moaned Noam.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

...bad mood...

okay, I am undeniably pissed. this is why:

-I didn't get enough sleep
-I had to do a stupid experiment that didn't even work, and measure dumb things like...a test tube, and...monah, in 6 different ways, what a waste of time.
-OC season 2 is STILL checked out
-No one is online to rant to
-we have OC season 1 disc one and my mom wanted to watch it, and I was gonna convert people, but noooo my dad won't let us.
-I watched a not too good movie, and I fell asleep for some of it, so it may have actually been good.
-I haven't done like...any calc, and I don't feel like starting it
-I have to look through my ACT stuff
-I have hwk.
-I don't have a wonderful social activity to get rid of my bad mood
-I have a headache.

And have I mentioned I don't have the OC??? In two different ways thank you very much.

I think I will go take a nap. Although if a parent finds me I'm pretty screwed. but I don't care. ha.

addendum to my list/p.s.: I still maintain that all guys are bastards. really, every single one. except for possibly the two gay guys in tibet...

p.p.s. I enjoy talking to myself on my blog, cuz noooooo one will understand what i just said. awesome.


Staying up till 2 and then getting up at 6 to study for an Anat/Phys quiz thing is a wonderful experience >.<>

Anyways, howdy hop was good. It was our last....hopportunity! unless we come back next year. Which is lame. But anyways. In addition to just being a pretty rockin' dance time, Mo and I have once again used our excellent anglian teamwork to go through with a large-scale mission for the benefit of a whole gender. although this time we were for the girls. So yeah, we pretty much won and are very proud of it. w00t.

And yeahhhhh dance. lalala. It was *really* hot up there. more than normal I think. And pretty loud, although I don't think it was too much more than normal.

So yes. And I'm not being sentimental that it was our last time! cuz there'll be many other dances. However, the skull will be ours till we graduate, at least. Because that's how cool girls are.

Omg, I just realized that since we're seniors....we get a senior trip!!! that will be so unfreakinbelievably hott. yessssssssss. so good.......I am gonna count down to that methinks. I love trips....with lots of people I like on them....

alright wish me luck for anatphys? urg.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

...first day of senior year...

w00h00. That's over. I had a pretty good day. It for lack of a better word.

Back to school stats:
-minutes doing nothing and being bored before school: 30
-number of books to stuff in locker: a billion
-room number of anat phys class:1111 (cool or what?)
-minutes worked on calc hwk: about...25?
-number of cool people that i could possibly do lunchbuddies with: about 5 i think, new and improved!
-number of people that should have been wearing class shirts:60
-number of people that did: probably like 40
-number of times i fell down the stairs: 1
-number of times i was on the elevator:3 i think
-other things that are gonna be on this list:0

woot that was so good. not. anyways, time to not blog anymore. love love byebye.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

...yo, i ate too much...

at the orientation picnic. dammit, I ALWAYS say disorientation, I even started typing that. it's like...disorientating, heh.

It was fun. I saw people. I like our class bunches. and all the other classes. Okay, not ALL the other classes, but some people in some classes. I hung out with peeps, and we had a bridge party (not with cards, dumbos). And we talked about OC a lot. and.... oh yeah sex quotes that aren't really that good but hey, quotes are awesome.

"I think sexual activities should be completely disbanded." --Hannah

"I'd have sex with every male."--Mo

Anyways, good times. time to pack for my college trip.

oh wait also. I got a cell phone. and i'm not sure if i like it, its slidey...which is pretty hott, but its non stereotypical, w00t w00t. so maybe i'll keep it. But i'm not posting the number here (duh) im me or something if you desperately need to call me like now.

ookay buhbyzers.

Friday, August 19, 2005

...she and my daughter were best friends in high school...

life's good. yay. (no i'm not being sarcastic, and i'm not masochistic. i'm just okay)

iiiiiiiiii don't wanna grow olllld(grow old!), won't you let me won't you let me explode!
In a karoke supernova

Well, that song reminds me of last summer and happiness and various random hanging out stuff. it's very good.

And as this summer draws to a close, I realize it's been a good last one. It seriously had wonderful closure, as it's the last summer before a school year (other than college, and that so doesn't count), yet it wasn't completely full of goodbyes and reminisces. It was really really boring and meaningless, but still stuff happened. It had its awesomely great fun moments, and its sentimental (but good) times, and its sucky minutes....hours....days.....weeks...i'll stop now. In a word, bittersweet. and that's the type of chocolate I like most, so it must mean something symbolic.

Anyhoo, I like this summer, at least looking back on it. Maybe this will be it's last blog post, but probably not. Maybe I'm just being randomly high-spirited, but probably not. Maybe I'll realize that this summer really sucked.....but definitely not. It was rawesome to the max on ice. w00t!

Heh, I'm getting a really seniorly sense of reminiscing and thinking about what's been important in my life. I hope I'm not like this all year, it could get annoying.

So yeah. Summertime....and the fish are jumpin'....haha, good song.

goodbye, goodnight, and much love. okie dokie cya later!

P.S. I'm not actually going to sleep I just said goodnight for fun.

...happy thursday...

Oh, guess what. Yesterday was the best day EVAR. you won't even believe it. Two of my best friends left me, in ONE DAY. I slept so well. But its alright, because I still feel very loved....or I should at least.

Whatever. I have nothing to post. Humdum. booooooring. yep, that's me! This is so dumb. Maybe I give up on this blog again. We'll see. Maybe in the near future I'll have something semi-happy to post, and then I will. Hah.

Wow, I seriously don't know what to write. I guess my mind is occupied with paragraph #1. but hey, its allowed to be, cuz that's big stuff. Plus I didn't say goodbye well enough to either, as I forgot to say I love you to one, and didn't get mad enough at the other. w00t. can you figure my life out from these clues? No, I'll just let gossip help. Oh man yesterday I took part in a gossip trick about myself. It was so exciting, I love being dirtalicious. Omg did you know....*whisper* Noam *whisper*. yay.

And I have to check out crossroads to finish it, as well as several other good movies I need to watch. I'm starting to be officially bummed that I won't get to see OC on tuesday. Maybe someone will just have to catch me up on that friday. And it can be a party! oh wait, howdy hop. who cares, dances are for losers.

lalala. Buh-byezers.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

...limitless undying love...

shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on, across the universe.

maybe i'll go take a nap.

p.s. don't you just love me and my exciting blog?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...just a walkin' down the street...

Yo peeps. Today I went with my favorite people Mo and Ariana to campus. First we went to the library, where we saw Runelle and Mr. Vaughn and read seventeen. Then we went downstairs and discovered billions of juniors working on PCCs, very scawwy. And we saw Lillian!!! and Sara!!! yay! And my locker combination didn't work. and I have to do anatphys stuff.

Thennnnn we went to Za's, yum. And IUB, where there were no graph paper notebooks, and things kept falling down. then....we saw Domier that was bizarre. So he came to Bubble T with us and OMFG NOOOO we forgot to omg omg omg. go to walgreens. well. we had bubble T. and not walgreen's. Domier left after like 30 secs and then called Mo when we were in the car going home, but we were going home. And also, we saw tons of XC people all over the place, which was bad. I mean, the people themselves were okay but their sport is terrible. I keep remembering things out of order, oh well.

Soon I will go to Ariana's house, because I have to say goodbye. Then I'll say goodbye tomorrow, and the day after that. yay. kinda.

urg I have to leave, maybe I'll finish this later, although there's nothing left to say, so never mind. Shalom.

Monday, August 15, 2005


so today I went to visit colleges, UChicago and Northwestern. yay. it was very bs-y, as predicted, but the campuses were pretty and they are good schools, so more decisions to be made, w00t.

and then we ate Israeli food and it was sooo yummy and I felt like I was in Israel, but I ate too much.

and I drove at least 5 hours O.O......very tiring. But I definitely have at least 25 now, I've stopped counting. I love driving in downtown Chicago where people try to kill you on a regular basis. But I suppose its better than Italy. Volare, oooooh. Cantare, oh oh oh oh..... Oh man, good song, good movie.

Speaking of that movie (yes, like only Mo will get this) today I tried to explain the spoon bagel quote to my mom because it came up, but she didn't get it. I told her it was very funny and she thought I was weird. Oh well.

Man oh man I have an awesomely busy social schedule this week, it r0x0rs my b0x0rs. I hope nothing gets cancelled due to parental restrictions, lalala.

And now no one is online....people talk to me dudes. No seriously, I just got back from a long trip, this is boring. oh well. Shoot y'allz later!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Dance is done. for like...2 weeks. this could be very weird, I might have time to hang out with people. actually, I probably won't. This is why:

1) ariana is leaving. so if your name isn't ariana claire "soleil" brodsky, I won't really want to hang out with you very much. seeing as we're down to like...3 days or something.

2) COLLEGE. I'm gonna visit northwestern/uchicago on monday, and then possibly sunday-tuesday do the boston area ivy standard thing, for only two days, but hey, colleges are cool. thats next sunday-tuesday, yes, right before school starts.

3) which brings us to our next point, school. that will suck the time out of me, joy. Its sooo soon and I have to get ready for it anyways, as in get books and cram in as many movies, bikerides, and lazy aim days as possible. That plan is doing pretty well I think.

so yeah. although I do want to do stuff, and right now I'm bored. and I'm leaving, byebye!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

...welcome to the OC, bitch...

Man, I love that line. it's so...OC. and luke like. And perfect. And I don't care if I'm obsessed, it has no negative affect on me whatsoever.

so dudes. this whole no computer thing is pretty bummy, but I have been managing. I am at the library, veryyyy cool, not. Anyways, I'm not quite as dependent as I thought I was. I complain to people 24/7, but I actually don't seem to mind :P. this way, I can hang around the house doing nothing, as opposed to normal days, where I sit in front of the computer doing nothing. I suppose I could sit in front of the monitor in our computer room, and stare at the blackness. That would be officially lamerly though, and I can't do that.

In other get to teach a lot of dance? my dad is coming home today, let's see how ashkenazi he really is.

plus, I wanna know how many people actually know I am using this blog, seeing as everyone was like where's your new blog/ what are you doing with your blog. haha, i win. anyways, comment if you actually are reading this, unless the commenting system AGAIN decided to be sucky, in which case tell me some other way. I will be awesomely amused if I'm just typing this for myself, its relaxing and stuff anyhoo, so I don't care. And I can get all my FEEEEEElings out (thank you very much, arianaaaaa)

nope, no feelings for noam, I don't have any, ha. I don't have emotions, and I've never cried in my life. this morning my mom said I looked like I had cried though. but I hadn't, promise.

borrrred. I'm just chillaxin'. jellin' with the carcass. yuperdoodles toodles!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've got soul but I'm not a soldier. yep.

And stuff. Christine has been messing with my head lately. Like I have to come to all these extra things, but then I don't, and oh yeah can you do this, and no I don't need you. It's crazy, and I'm busy. But coolness, I get to teach. I loooove teaching.

You know you've got to help me out...yeeaaaaah. :) I like that song.

And I don't have anything else to say, this is lame. Actually, I only blog when I'm really bored, so that makes sense. still lame though. Everyone has to start applying and stuff ya know, cuz we're overachievers. Actually I know several people who have started. (myself included, to tell the truth). But I doubt I won't procrastinate on this, seeing as I procrastinate on everything. If you leave things to the last minute, they only take a minute! w00t.

Mmmmmk by3. whoa....that was a typo. but I'm keeping it, I'm so naturally 1337. :D

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

...that's the way we get by...

"sleep is overrated" --My dad, always.

I'm starting to think he's right. Cuz like, I've gotten really small amounts of sleep the past few days, but have been more energized. Maybe I will crash into a sleepy lump of muck in a couple of days, but so far I'm doing good. so that's fun.

also, OC. the soundtrack mix one is good. and now I want to watch it again. although I'm worried I won't like the first couple of episodes because I know what ends up happening. And like...some of the characters that eventually don't exist/have an opposite role. Hmm. I hope I still like it though. But I don't want to be as obsessed as my mom.

This week, I have to go watch all these millions of dance classes so that I can be a sucessful emergency sub. that should be fun. especially if in the fall, they call me at school and are like
"kshh, Noam, you are needed at 1745 for an emergency hip hop situation. over and out." haha, as if. but anyways, if Whitney (Christine's daughter) has her baby, that'll make some teaching opportunities. w00t. plus I like knowing I'm needed :). Or at the very least, wanted...

Humdum. time to go to uni and attempt to register. I hope I get in this year...yeah. man I can't believe I forgot last year. well at least colette and I were forgetting-to-register buddies. oh well. SENIORS! 06!!!